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If You Become Involved With Me, You Will Sinking Yourself by Hallam Foe

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Hallam Foe from Malang, Indonesia purvey quintessential screamo and emoviolence laced with influences from the choicest corners of the genre. Spoken word, larynx disrespecting yells, panic chords and tasteful feedback fills abound. There are punishing passages to navigate that open up into lush, drawn out corridors. You'll be torn between wanting to flip the tape to keep the party going and being sad to see each dank song fade into the next.

Try not to sink.
released July 3, 2021

Hallam Foe are:

Gilang - Guitar / Vocals
Lewi - Drums
Nisa - Vocals

All songs written and composed by Hallam Foe
Lyrics written by Gilang
“Fall Is The New Fly” written by Nisa

Recorded at Virtuoso Studio in Malang, Indonesia
Mixing and Mastering by Gilang

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