III by Foxtails
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III by Foxtails

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ECR 005 - III by Foxtails

Connecticut's Foxtails present their most refined and polished release to date. This album consists of a mix of new unheard material and a handful of refined and reworked older songs from their days as a four piece.

The jazz and math influences are clear - The guitars range from twinkly tapping to the kind of chords that have numbers in their names. The bass is consistent, going from spidery walking lines in instrumental sections to pulsing runs accentuating the action. The drums are technical without being overbearing, and go from gentle to violent at the drop of a pin as the songs call for it.

Vocalist Megan's voice rises to the forefront; she ranges from a gentle croon to an impressive scream that when pushed (and it gets pushed) becomes a soul piercing shriek that will change your outlook on life.

The production on this album is excellent (Will Killingsworth, Dead Air Studios) and the gentle instrumental moments of the album retain the intimate live feeling as if the band were playing for you in an attic.

The lyrics are dark and personal and sometimes stand in contrast to the prettiness of some of the sections. A clearly intentional choice that serves to drive home the gravity of the topical matter of some of the songs.

We would be reluctant to outright compare them to other musicians, but after listening to this album several times our observations are: there were a few moments where instrumentally we were reminded of Saetia. Some of the quieter jazzy sections exude dusty feelings of nostalgia reminiscent of some forgotten Grizzly Bear b-side. Although their singing voices aren't the most similar, Megan's ability to strongly emote while singing made us think of Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.

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released March 2, 2017

foxtails is:
megan c - vocals, bass
jon b - guitar, vocals
mike l - the thing that is loud with sticks

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

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