Brain Bubble Party by Five Pound Pocket Universe
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Brain Bubble Party by Five Pound Pocket Universe

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Hyper sweet pastel jazzcore madness from the suburbs of Naked City, spliced with lost cartoon snippets found in the places between channels. The TV won't stop skipping but you can't look away. Do you not want to?

Five Pound Pocket Universe is a Jazzcore project founded in 2016 by Swiss musicians Michel Barengo, Andi Bissig and Valentin Baumgartner.

In their own words: 5PPU's music oscillates between rapidly changing moods of pre-arranged sequences and improvised sections building up to towering walls of sound.

The band absorbs elements from jazz, grindcore, metal, game music and other genres.
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Cassette available

ECR 034
Five Pound Pocket Universe - Brain Bubble Party
released January 17, 2020

Michel Barengo
Composition, Drums, Sample Production

Valentin Baumgartner
Prepared Guitar, Octaved Guitar, Effects

Andi Bissig
Tenor Sax, Samples, Noise, Synth Bass

Shintaro Kago

Verwaltzen Studios

Rémi Gettliffe

originally released September 10, 2018
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