Emocat Records publishes work with significant feels and/or cultural importance by North American and International artists. If it's emotionally moving we might just be into it. We invite submissions of screamo, emoviolence, hardcore, post hardcore, goth, emo, math, noise, dance/art/synth/jazz punk, and rap.

BEFORE submitting to us consult our list of previously published titles to determine if your work is suitable. With that in mind, we are aware that the lines between genres are blurred these days. If your heavy screamo project kind of sounds like metal we might still be into it. Maybe your sad singer songwriter project with a violinist could catch our ear. We know it doesn't say surfgrunge anywhere around here, but that stuff is sick.

• Please submit to us in .wav format
• We DO NOT accept submissions in .mp3 format.
• Genres we generally don't accept: "indie," electronic projects, metal, folk, pop, rock & roll, genres that end with "wave" that don't start with "cold" or "no"

• Please include: ⁃ an artist/band bio ⁃ list of previous albums ⁃ a link to a .wav file


    Send your submission to: or send us a Facebook message.