Re Build Our Dream (2009 - 2018) by 5PM Promise
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Re Build Our Dream (2009 - 2018) by 5PM Promise

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5PM Promise - Re Build Our Dream (2009 - 2018)

In an alternate universe, the year is perpetually 2009. Alexisonfire is the greatest band in the world. They are Japanese. The Pocari Sweat never runs dry.

Quintessential Japanese post-hardcore. Clean, gang and dual vocals. Uplifting guitar parts and short twinkly emo sections. Songs that encompass many of the elements that initially draw people to the genre. Our tastes eventually move us to one side or the other but 5PM craft songs by giving each component just enough time. 9 years of work to Rebuild Our Dream.
Cassette available .
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ECR 024
released August 25, 2018
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