Collecting Dust by Nevasca
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Collecting Dust by Nevasca

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ECR 021
Nevasca - Collecting Dust

Russian emo tinged with Midwest vibes. The vocals range from soft and gentle singing to a grit reminiscent of Rocky Votolato of Waxwing. (Especially track 1) Emotional lyrics ruminate on past loves and those we still hold dear. Every track is charged with feeling without crossing the line into aggressive territory. This band features members of Emocat sweethearts Paper Wounds.
released June 8, 2018

Originally released February 16, 2018

Recorded through 2016-2017:

Drums by Vladimir Lyashenko at Galernaya 20, Saint-Petersburg
Guitars by Edward Biryukov at Cerber House Studio, Murmansk
Bass by Aleksandr Demyanov at Personal Data, Murmansk
Vocals partly by Aleksandr Chezhin at Leo Sound, Murmansk &
by Aleksandr Demyanov at Zapolar Sun, Murmansk

Mixed by Steve Roche (Permanent Hearing Damage)

Mastered by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios)

Artwork by Ksenia Romanchuk

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