Cyclamen/Black Knight Satellite by Cyclamen/Black Knight Satellite
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Cyclamen/Black Knight Satellite by Cyclamen/Black Knight Satellite

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Our first release is a Screamo/Emoviolence split by way of Canada and France.

Cyclamen are from Le Mans and deliver a personal and direct brand of French screamo. This split comes out on the tails of their previous release 'La conformité.' More melodic than abrasive, groovy at times without being self indulgent. If you understand any French at all - Florian's lyrics overflow with heartfelt self reflection and social commentary.

Black Knight Satellite crawl out of the corners of Marpole, Vancouver with fresh emoviolence. Fuzzed out bass and dissonant guitar battle for dominance on a bed of blast beats and larynx shredding poetry. They'd like to think they're making the sounds of the future. (of 2006)


Cassette available here 

All tracks on this album were mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Artwork by Nevre Le Nevralgie Costanti


ECR 001 - Cyclamen/Black Knight Satellite


released October 13, 2016

Black Knight Satellite is:
Los - Vocals, Miggy - Guitar/Vocals,
Eli - Bass, Henrietta - Drums

Black Knight Satellite’s songs were recorded and mixed by
Errol West at Thirty-Three & A Third Studios in spring of 2016.

Cyclamen is:
Antoine - Bass
Benjamin - Drums
Florian - Guitar/Vocals

Cyclamen’s songs were recorded at L’Etable and mixed by Raphael Misery in 2016.

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