Demo 2016 by Kid, Feral
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Demo 2016 by Kid, Feral

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ECR 003 - Demo by Kid Feral

Kid, Feral of Skövde, Sweden come out swinging with their Demo released December of 2016. High energy screamo that is as playful as it is furious.

In the first track gritty overdriven screams wind down into a brief melodic interlude before the song picks back up and finishes before we can catch our stride.

The second track is a fleshed out longer song with a groovy instrumental part in the middle that ends with a reverbed group chant with hand drums that fades out.

The instruments are tight and each band member efficiently fills out their sonic space. With this first effort they have proven themselves to be a three piece worth watching.



Cassette available here 



released February 16, 2017

Vile - Guitar, Vocals
Ossian - Bass
Jesper - Drums

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