Demo by Eyes Like Black Stars
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Demo by Eyes Like Black Stars

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These are the only recorded songs from Eyes Like Black Stars. Dual vocals, interlocking guitars, bleeding heart basslines and so many other classic screamo elements throughout. These songs are an important piece of musical history; painting a picture of a scene in its heyday that is not often talked about here in North America.

Members of Eyes Like Black Stars Went on to form several projects including: This City Dynamite!!!, F Scott Fitzgerald, Swords, Bronze Chariot, Monuments, Mule, Damned Men, Later That Night, The Burning Sea, Craterface, Robotosaurus, Animal Traps, Dear Pilgrim, Grenadiers and TIERSMAN.
ECR - 023
released August 1, 2018

Ben Cooper - Vocals

Megan Gaukroger - Vocals
Mark Draper - Guitar
Ben Page - Guitar
Amy Gaukroger - Bass
Garrett R. Cooper - Drums

Album art by Connie Sgarbossa

Originally released in 2003
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