Hello Kittie's Spank by Lefty Fish
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Hello Kittie's Spank by Lefty Fish

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This album reads like the soundtrack to a supercut of every Cowboy Bebop fight scene. (but sped up)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia's Lefty Fish are the sonic mutant lovechild of Midori and Melt Banana as conducted by John Zorn in a gas-powered airship over the Sea of Tranquility. Below, perplexed lunar villagers look up in wonder. The crop will be good this cycle.

The absolute chaos of this noisy doom-jazz masterpiece makes easy listening for those about to achieve singularity. Vocalist Fransisca Ayu switches between staccato yelps, breathy soft spoken word and petulant growls and screams - meanwhile entire worlds are built and destroyed around her swirling words at the fickle whim of every other band member.

Bass has been traded on this recording for heavy guitar, wild keys and a busy brass section. Equal parts classy and apocalyptic. Each brief smooth passage is a sweet palate cleanser before the next blastbeat adventure. This is important.
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ECR 025
released August 30, 2018

Produced and composed by LeftyFish

Trombone : Krishananto Bayu Budi Atmojo
Keys : Winan Pratama
Drums : J. Arya Andy Putra
Vocals : Fransisca Ayu
Trumpet : Mursyid
Guitars : Halim Budiono

Recorded at Watchtower Studio, Yogyakarta, by Bable Sagala
Vocal, trumpet, and trombone directed and recorded by Winan Pratama.
Mixed and Mastered by Bable Sagala
Artwork by Ahmad Miqdad Alfaya

*there is no bass on this recording

Originally released 23 March, 2018

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