The Bitter End by Let's Get Invisible
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The Bitter End by Let's Get Invisible

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Woodbury, Connecticut's Let's Get Invisible bring an eclectic brand of screamo that is held together by a backbone of proggy organ tones and punk sensibilities. Blastbeats, skronks, twiddles and even chugging all come and go as the album winds up. Despite the varied approaches from song to song, there is a distinct sound throughout that echoes the frantic primal energy of a thousand practices and shows in the sweaty garages and basements of decades past.

"these songs can often feel like an animal backed into a corner, snapping and baring their teeth.  the vocals are sharp and abrasive, the rhythm section is chaotic, and guitars hit like a punch.  what sets The Bitter End apart from all of the other albums that you could describe using those same words is the way Let’s Get Invisible combine these elements into songs that are unpredictable, yet have a clear sense of themselves in regard to melody, tone, and mood."
ECR 033
Let's Get Invisible - The Bitter End
released October 31, 2019

Austin Traver - Guitar/Vocals
Brian O'Meara - Keys
Eric Wall - Bass
John Zaccaria - Drums/Vocals

Recorded by Phil Lord
Mastered by Ryan Prushinski

Artwork by Sarah Sapiro
Photos by Lexi Esteves

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